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Your one stop shop for all your familiar favourites!

Whether you're abroad and missing the familiar favourites of home or looking to gift the taste of home to a loved one, ShopIrish.eu is your one stop shop for shipping Irish goodies to Europe!

Get all of your favourite Irish products delivered straight to your door - wherever you are in Europe! We sell products by the box, because let's be real, shipping a chocolate bar half way across the world isn't worth the cost - but a box... now we're talking!

ShopIrish is an Irish E-commerce store with over two decades of experience in the retail sector, delivering niche products from Ireland all over the world!  We deliver to your door, leave the hard work of sourcing and shipping Irish products to us! We work hand in hand with Couriers who partner with Worldwide Couriers making sure your goods are delivered safely to your door. If you would like any further information please contact us through our contact page or email sales@shopirish.eu Shop Irish, get your familiar favourites straight to your door!

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